Train: Arlanda Express from Stockholm Arlanda Airport to Stockholm Central with a Eurail Pass

This is just a quick 20 minute express train from the airport to downtown Stockholm. It is normally 280SEK (~$40) each way, but it is free for Eurail or Interail pass holders. However, if you are arriving into Arlanda airport with a new yet unused rail pass, you need to get your pass validated by an SJ attendant before boarding or you could be fined. 

Unfortunately, there is no ticket window at the Arlanda Express station, only automated ticket machines. It wasn’t obvious where I needed to go, and I found no information online about how to do it either. Finally, I asked the girl at the airport information booth in Terminal 5 and she explained that you have to go to the Arlanda C train station SJ desk first, then come back to the Arlanda Express station. Luckily, they are very close and you can just walk there through the airport.

The SJ desk at Arlanda C (Central) station is located right in the middle of Sky City (within sight of the Sushi restaurant). It looks like another airline jet bridge, but instead goes down underground to the train station.

If you are arriving from Terminal 5, when you come out of the Customs area after claiming your bags, turn right and follow the signs to Sky city, you will go up one floor. Once you get to the restaurants, walk along the glass wall on your right for a few 100 meters and you’ll see the station Arlanda C on the right. Go to the desk and show them your rail pass and passport, they will fill out their section and give it a stamp.

Once this is done, you can fill out the day on your rail pass if necessary, head back the way you came to terminal 5 and get on the first Arlanda Express train that you see. There are trains every 20 minutes.

Another note on the Arlanda Express. There are two stations that the train stops at on its way to Stockholm City Station. Arlanda South is the first one and it is below Terminal 5, the other is Arlanda North, which is located below Terminals 1-4. The train stops first at Arlanda South and is completely empty. Much of the time the train nearly completely fills up here. Then, when it goes to Arlanda North, anyone that gets on here will likely stand the whole 20 minute ride. So, if you arrive at Stockholm Arlanda Terminals 1-4, do yourself a favor and walk the short distance to Terminal 5, then board train there. you’ll guarantee yourself a seat and have a more pleasant ride. 

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  • Monojit Choudhury

    Thanks for the informative article. I have one doubt. If I do not want to use the day as one of the free days on my eurail pass, can I still ride the Arlanda express for free? If not, do I get any discount on the ticket (but then as you say there’s only ticket vending machine, so probably no way to get the discount.