Welcome to Germany!

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I’m writing this first post from the coach cabin of a Continental 777 in route from Houston to Frankfurt Germany. It is still about 2 hours until we arrive and I am exhausted. I hardly slept at all for the nearly 10 hour flight. Unfortunately, the plane was oversold and my upgrade didn’t clear. On my last couple trips I got the opportunity to try out the new lie-flat seats in BusinessFirst. They’re not exactly like a real bed, but they do in fact lie completely flat and are far superior to the upright sardine packing in the back of the plane. They certainly spoil you for any future flights where you don’t get to lie down and sleep!

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This is my third trip to Germany from the US this year for work, and I have 3 great weekends of adventuring planned. In this trip: Dresden, Zugspitze, and Paris, and of course two weeks of actual work in our main office out in the country near Stuttgart. I scored a 1st class DBBahn rail pass this trip, so I’ll be doing a few train excursions back and forth across Germany, trying out some new ICE routes, and checking out the countryside and fall colors.

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