SIGGRAPH 2013: Disneyland!

Dumbo 001

Because you can’t attend a conference at the Disneyland Resort without actually visiting Disneyland, I decided to spend a day checking out the parks before heading home. It turns out there are now two parks at the Disneyland Resort, the original Disneyland itself, and Disney California Adventure. The latter is a bit like Disney’s Hollywood Studios in Florida or the Universal Studios parks, with lots of larger themed thrill rides and shows as opposed to the more themed rides for the younger audience at the original Disney parks. A family can certainly fill more than a day at each park, with more time needed to visit Downtown Disney and other area attractions, but being by myself, I speed-visited both parks in a single day. Having grown up going to the Disney World parks in Florida, I was anxious to see what the original park had to offer. Continue reading

SIGGRAPH 2013: Hilton Anaheim Convention Center Review


During the second half of my visit, I stayed at the Hilton Anaheim Convention Center. In stark contrast to the DoubleTree Suites, this hotel is massive! And busy. I’m not sure the exact number, but I estimate about 1400 rooms over 15 floors. The parking garage is probably larger than many of the other resorts in the area. This gives it the atmosphere of a large cruise ship, with crazy long hallways and huge and crowded lobby areas. Continue reading

Getting Back to Work

La Spezia, Italy

Finally, I have the site up, my day job work backlog is lightening up just a bit, and I have a lot of great travel planned for the next couple months. I also have two more previous trip reports to finish. Things have been crazy at work, and all the extra time that I would have spent writing was taken setting up the new WordPress site. Continue reading

The All New SkiCat Travels is Live!


Hi All,
My new site is live on its own custom domain! Check out! I know I still have a lot of work to do to make it shine, but all the content is there, the social sharing buttons are in place, you can now search by category (at least with the more recent posts).

I still have to go back through all the content and clean things up a bit. Some of the pages have errors and formatting issues because of the new WordPress parser, etc.

SIGGRAPH 2013: Anaheim Convention Center

After checking into the Doubletree Suites, I headed over to the convention center for the SIGGRAPH Fast Forward event. All conferences should have one of these at the beginning. Basically, they allow each presenter in the entire show 30 seconds to quickly present the overview of what they’re going to talk about in their full formal paper later in the week. You get a quick overview of all the technical papers in a little over an hour! Continue reading